R & D

  • Designing, developing & construction of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVS) which are capable of home land security, Surveillance & recognizance, military & scientific mission support, border security, Disaster management.
  • Implementation of different kind of onboard sensors, for health monitoring as an intelligent self-aware system, & real time equipment study the external factors.
  • The company will develop Unmanned Aerial Systems, Unmanned ground vehicles for real-time surveillance and reconnaissance, battle assessment, disaster management, research etc.., and other support packages such as ground control station, personnel training.
  • Aerial Photography and Video Production.
  • Our onboard camera can provide HD Aerial Footage for Featured Films, Television Reality Show, Television Series, Sports Events, Advertisement Commercials, Documentaries and many more.
  • Research on cost effective launch vehicle which can carry scientific payload to higher altitude & earth imaging camera for the research of the upper atmosphere.
  • Development of model rockets and balloon satellites.


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