In today's world people don't bother what moves on the ground (i.e ground vehicles), but they do care when something flying passes through the streets on in air. Many people have seen flying vehicles in television, but they never got a chance to take the real experience in front of their eyes.

Agragami Applied Aeronautics brings an opportunity to those people and for all students to have a real flight show right in-front of their sight. We use 30cc – 50cc Aerobatic aircrafts, multi-copters to give you the best airshow ever. You will really get an actual fighter/combat field experience along with lots of fun and stunts.

We perform the following stunts in the airshow

  • 1. Invert flight
  • 2. Inside-loop
  • 3. Outside-loop
  • 4. Rolling
  • 5. 4-point roll
  • 6. Snap roll
  • 7. Stall-turn
  • 8. Spin
  • 9. Blender
  • 10. Tumbling
  • 11. Weeble-Wobble
  • 12. Knife-edge
  • 13. Slow-roll
  • 14. Cuban-8
  • 15. Reverse Cuban-8
  • 16. Prop-hang/hovering
  • 17. Torque roll
  • 18. Four point rolling circle
  • 19. Left-rolling circle
  • 20. Right rolling circle
  • 21. Left-rolling loop
  • 22. Right rolling loop

All the maneuvers will be performed in a free-style manner with back-ground music. This kind of performance is often not seen in in-front of your eyes. We promise you the roar of the engine will take the audiences' heart and mind into a different level of altitude you would have never experienced.