Agragami Applied Aeronautics is a branch of Agragami Group of Institution. AAA is a separate department for providing Aerospace services and its solutions. This
department is fully dedicated to the students who are interested in UAVs and small flying objects including fixed wing aircrafts and multi-copters.

It is one and only RC Institute first time in India which provides the students on campus flying training, workshop and internships facility. Students can come, stay and
pursue their knowledge in various programs from well experienced professionals.


We are providing workshop and training program for all engineering student in every part of the country to develop practical experience in students. These programs are for all engineering students to gain knowledge and to develop further in this field. These programs are very much knowledgeable to the students and help them to develop their skills to approach practical things. These programs are fully dedicated to the students who want to learn new things and to develop their vision about every new technology.


AAA aims to create a platform for the students, and youngsters to develop UAVS and ground rovers that can be used for civilian as well as defense purpose. We aim to encourage new talents to develop and nurture new ideas in the field of unmanned crafts.